Marine Development Associates

The scope and depth of experience and capability within MDA are broad and range  from Projects on strategic planning issues to a systematic approach to ocean resource development. Current interest are focused on  the following areas of corporate interest::
◦ Ocean Resource Planning and Development
• Ocean Thermal Energy (OTEC) for Island Nations
• Cold Water Aquaculture & Agriculture
• Deepsea and Placer Minerals

◦ Oceanographic & Marine Environment Assessment
• Site Surveys & Environmental Assessment
• Contaminated Sediment Remediation

◦ Marine Systems Project Planning & Development
• Marine Technology and Engineering
• Systems Engineering and Intergration
• Program Development

◦ Consulting and Expert Witness Support in Marine Matters.

MDA specializes in four key areas of Marine & Environmental science –

dot Oceanographic Site Characterization

dot Geotechnical & Mineral Assessments

dot Environmental Assessments

dot Contaminated Sediment Remediation

MDA has full capability to carry out the required oceanographic surveys and site analyses to support marine resource development and a systems approach to contaminated sediment remediation.
Past Programs, include dredging technology assessment for the US Army Corps of Engineers and participation in the U.S. NAE assessment of remediation technologies. An example of MDA’s approach is shown below:

Ocean Energy facilities, such as OTEC, wave, & tidal power plants require site characterization to determine the design and operating requirements.
Coastal and offshore resource development activities, such as replenishment of beach sand, deep-sea and placer minerals assessment, and installation of pipelines & cables require oceanographic surveys and resource assessment.
Environmental assessments are essential elements of resource development to minimize risk, and protect beach, coral & marine living resources. MDA has full capability to conduct these assessments, carry out the appropriate Project planning, & manage such mzansi porn operations.

With the world-wide concerns over Global Warming, many developing nations are seeking to assess and utilize their Ocean Energy resources. MDA has maintained a significant capability in Ocean Thermal, Wave and Tidal energy assessment and potential utilization. Typical projects

dot “Soft Pipe” – A low-cost CWP Development

dot Demi-OTEC Demonstration Power Plant Feasibility – Stage of Hawaii

dot Project RATAK – 5-10 MWe OTEC for the Government of the Marshall Islands

dot OTEC Development Plan Review for the Government of Taiwan.

dot Ocean Energy Technology & Economics Assessment for the Philippine Government

dot MDA’s Island Nation’s OTEC Program

dot Opportunity with International OTEC Corp.

MDA personnel possess an OTEC technology & system development & management background extending over 23 years, including the very highly successful Mini-OTEC demonstration Program, and the “Soft-Pipe” low-cost CWP development.

An aggressive OTEC commercialization Program is currently underway as shown below. Additional information is available for potential Investors.